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I am a determined person who is committed to fulfilling purpose. I am willing to overcome challenges with my best commitment at times and enhance my abilities while overcoming the flaws affecting me in my life. I am eager to accomplish my goals and peak in life.

I have experience in...

  • Game Designing (Including Level Design and Boss Battle Design)

  • C# / HTML / Scratch / C++ Programming (Mostly familiar with C#)

  • Video Editing

  • Screenwriting

  • 2D Artwork / 3D Modeling

  • Audio Production

  • Photography

I am also a fast learner in most cases. I am eager to learn as many skills as I can! If you're anything in need of such service, do consider my skill specialties and I may or will acknowledge my productivity towards working at my best!

About Me

Hello! I'm Sami Dummar! A three-time award-winning game designer!

Resume (With PDF Download)

Curriculum Vitae (With PDF Download)

Awards and Recognitions

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