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A first-person fast-paced casual arcade shooter game with outrun aesthetics where the player goes through several obstacles while dodging incoming enemy attacks.

The player is encouraged to move quickly and make fast decisions to avoid dangers. The player must be vigilant of their surroundings while going through several challenging levels.

Narrative Setting

You as the player and your companion have been captured by the sentient army of the retro zone.

Locked in a dungeon cell, the player and their companion have only one major objective, it is to go on a course breakout.

You and your companion will be going through a series of obstacles on the way to escape the mysterious realm called the retro zone.

The player’s psychological mind will be put to the test as they come up with strategizing tactics to dynamically approach the zone.


The game’s genre is a fast-paced arcade, where the player has to go through an obstacle course and avoid the obstacles and enemies throughout the way.

The player will experience a dynamic-rich playthrough. They will have to use their reflexes to move quickly, their weapon and abilities to engage combat and self-defense, and their grappling hook to maneuver around tight areas and avoid falling into the deadly spiky ground.

Game Producers:

  • Saif Zakaria - Lead Game Designer and Game Programmer

  • Sami Dummar - Game Designer and Game Programmer

  • Anmar Alyousef - Programmer

What I Did / What I Was Responsible In:

  • Designing – Gameplay (Dynamics) / Aesthetics / Level Environment / Narrative / Boss Battle

  • Programming – Gameplay (Mechanics) / Level Interaction

  • 3D Modeling – Diegetic UI / Interactable Objects

  • Audio – In-Game Sound Effects / Dialogues (Voice Acting) / Music

  • Project Files – Game Design Document / High Level Design Document / Project Management / Task Breakdown (With Planning Poker) / Meeting Records (Regular Meetings and Standup Meetings) / Playtest Documents (Data Plan and Data Analysis)

Producer Commentary

While keeping the setting clear and precise for as much as possible, this is a project where we put as much effort as we can over a limited period of time (before the deadline) while also continuously learning things throughout the production process.


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