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A first-person single-player game (Horror-Thriller) where the player’s main gameplay goal is to collect all the pages scattered around the different areas inside a mansion while avoiding haunting ghouls pursuing the player to survive.

The player will have to master the dynamics towards surviving each of the major levels by paying attention to their coordination of moving around and pick up special consumables scattered around or timely use their abilities granted to them before each level against the haunting ghouls. The player will occasionally be dealing with interactive conversations in minor levels to further engage the player towards the narrative direction.

Narrative Design and Setting

Reports of rumors suggest victims who have visited a mansion up a hill have never returned. Four suspects confirmed to be gone for good in this case. You play as Detective Aiden Augustine to investigate the area in hopes of finding the four confirmed missing victims and uncover the truth behind the other suspect disappearances. Inside the mansion, the detective stumbles upon the spirit of Professor Brinton Freeman who explains what has happened to the place. The professor informs the detective of his heedless behavior of not fearing the unknown.

The professor discovered a book known as the Necronomicon (the book of the dead). With curiosity, he continuously reads the book and becomes obsessed with the powers it granted him, only to eventually accidentally unleash portals upon the area which summons haunting ghouls. The professor was forced to cast a forcefield around the mansion to protect the human race from the breached haunting ghouls before he could close the portals. In exchange for the forcefield is his spirit, trapping him as the host of the mansion and unable to physically interact with the world. Anyone who enters the mansion is forced to gather all the pages to wipe the haunting ghouls and the forcefield to survive, or die trying. The book magically scattered its pages around the mansion and the detective who is now trapped in the mansion has to collect them all to put them back into the book and put an end to the curse to survive and set the professor and himself free.


The game’s genre is a puzzle platformer, where the player has to go through a swinging course using their grappling hook while being assisted by their robot companion.

The player will experience a dynamic-rich playthrough. The player will have to use their grappling hooks to swing around the science fiction interior by hooking to objects that can be grappled on. Furthermore, the player will also have to cooperate with their robotic companion by using their grappling hooks to hook on to the robotic companion. The robotic companion will anyhow patrol with the player as they progress through the game but will assist the player when required.

The player can also mark their checkpoint as they progress throughout the game. If the player touches or falls to the restricted ground, the player will be teleported to their last marked checkpoint. The player will mark their checkpoint whenever they collide with an invisible programmed checkpoint object which is done for visual aesthetic purposes. However, the player should be able to easily comprehend that they have obviously marked their checkpoint through dynamic gameplay. A lighting will be presented in each checkpoint and will be unlit whenever the player collides with the invisible checkpoint object to indicate that they have marked their current checkpoint.

The main goal of the entire game is to win by beating the game, the player does that by reaching the end of the swinging course as they use their grappling hooks and cooperate with their robotic companion to progress further into the various levels and eventually reach the end of the game.

Game Producers:

  • Sami Dummar - Game Designer

  • Anmar Alyousef - Game Programmer

  • Sjunsei Awal - 3D Model Artist

What I Did / What I Was Responsible In:

  • Designing – Gameplay (Dynamics) / Aesthetics / Level Environment / Narrative Variables

  • Programming – Gameplay (Mechanics) / Level Interaction

  • 3D Modeling – Diegetic UI / Visually Presented Character Figures

  • Audio – In-Game Sound Effects / Dialogues (Voice Effect) / Music

  • Project Files – GDD / HLDD / Project Management / Task Breakdown / Meeting Records (Regular and Standup) / Playtest Documents (Plan and Data Analysis) / TDD

Producer Commentary

This is the first horror game I have produced throughout my expanding career. I wanted to go bigger with this game, a more ambitious design but unfortunately time isn't always on my side. Hence, I had to cut some content out of this game. In other words, I'm really proud with what I have designed for this game's core. I definitely could've made it less action filled for the horror aesthetics but I had to make a few turnovers from here and there when time is at the essence. For my first horror game, I'm contented with the outcome of this project. I hope I can continue producing horror games because the genre of horror is something I always admire when it comes to immersive experiences in games. It's that sensational feeling of fear and paranoia that the player feels when playing these kind of games. This kind of game is like a taste of what I have in store for my other project titled "Fright Mayhem" that is now postponed, except that game is a little more cartoony when it comes to its visuals. Two projects, from Horror-Thriller to Cartoony-Spooky shifting between the two. As long as scary aesthetics are involved, I definitely enjoy working on them.


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