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A strategy-racing board game with cosmic and medieval aesthetics, where players encounter events along the board and must decide on their choices to either take or counter, save or spend, and choose whether to be cruel or compassionate to themselves and other players.


Your journey will depend on your chances, the chances of many consequences based on your decisions.


The game is a cross between strategy/roleplaying and racing genres, where up to four players individually compete on a board with four tracks, and roll a dice to move down the track.

Each player has their own individual track with random tokens laid along the squares of the tracks, and each token with its own effects – some beneficial, some disadvantageous, some only affecting one player and some affecting all.

Players can collect cosmic gems, the currency of the game, which they can then use to cancel some of the token effects or boost some of the token effects for a second use, for the price stated on the token and only when the certain token is eligible for boosting.

Some token effects can also be cancelled by other players, and some tokens can be saved and played again whenever a player chooses for a specified cost of gems.

The main goal is to be first to reach the end of the track and reach the Cosmic Cat. Players will need to weigh their options and consider whether they will spend their gems to cancel/boost tokens, or reserve their gems for other tokens to reach the end of the board.

Game Producers:

  • Sami Dummar

What I Did / What I Was Responsible In:

  • Designing – Gameplay (Dynamics) / Aesthetics / Level Environment / Narrative

  • Programming – Gameplay (Mechanics) / Level Interaction

  • 3D Modeling – Diegetic UI / Interactable Objects

  • Audio – Music

  • Project Files – Game Design Document / High Level Design Document / Project Management

Producer Commentary

I came up with this game design concept when I was playing the game called "Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy". I remembered the numerous times my lecturers in game development class said that as game designers, it's advisable to play as many games as possible. We were once tasked to look into "Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy". Well, I decided to just buy the game despite knowing the extreme frustration the game brings to players. As a game designer, I have to experience many different kinds of gameplay anyways. I eventually completed the game and now speedrun it like it's not frustrating at all.


After everything though, that's where my inspiration for "Journey To The Cosmic Cat" comes in. I thought of a concept that would consist of a long journey, it's frustrating for the player, but considering I have to make it a multiplayer game, I also decided to make it rewarding for the player. Hence, I created the "punishing and rewarding" concept for players to compete against others.

This overall resulted to a game where players race to the finish line in their own path while against each other (or against another team), a journey to the cosmic cat.

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