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Saucer Dash Supreme is a 2D hyper-casual endless runner arcade game where the player only has two buttons to use for dashing and dodging incoming obstacles.


DASH! DODGE! Inescapable DOOM!


Saucer Dash Supreme is a 2D hyper-casual arcade game themed with cartoony and outer space elements. The player starts at the game's main menu with four buttons visible. Three game mode buttons and one button to close the application.

The game has three game modes, each game mode consists of its own unique gameplay dynamics (with its own level of difficulty) and aesthetics while following the game's core design and theme.


The game's core design is defined by having one simple core mechanic, which is for the player to have the saucer dash to dodge the incoming obstacles. Two buttons / Two Sides to tap define the one mechanic of dashing to dodge incoming obstacles.

The game has no pause menu, to prevent cheating and to keep the dynamics intense and engaging. The game may potentially have a pause menu implemented one day in the future.

The game is an endless runner in all game modes. The player has a certain amount of lives and will lose one each time they hit an obstacle.

If the player loses all their lives, the game is over (The player can restart or quit to open the game's main menu). If the player dodges an obstacle, the player's score increases until the game is over.


The player's lives and score count are both visible during gameplay for the player to keep track of their performance.

Earliest Prototype (Rocket Boost)

Game Producers:

  • Sami Dummar

What I Did / What I Was Responsible In:

  • Game Design

  • Gameplay programming

  • Sound Effects Design

  • Sprite Movement Animations

(Some assets have been borrowed)

Producer Commentary

Originally a flappy bird-like game but with a rocket ship in outer space with the tagline "Boost to space!". I experimented on programming for educational purposes during and after the first prototype of this project. The project's first name was "Space Boost".


I've held the project's development on hold after the first prototype since I had no exact direction with the project's production during the time.


Throughout the time after the first prototype however, I have gained a lot of experience with game design and game programming (although there is still room for improvement with game programming). 

I then eventually came back to this project when I have found free time and some disciplinary motivation to get this project's production going.


I started with one game mode (I wanted the project to be very simple), but eventually decided to do more when realizing that the game can be better even while keeping the project simple. I realized that the game can be better at the time when I found greater potential with the project.


I then renamed the game's second name "Asteroids Incoming" to "Saucer Dash Supreme" to expand the game's aesthetic background.


I then expanded the game with three game modes, each having their own dynamics and aesthetics while still following the game's core design and theme.

This is my first solo project that I have ever done without any restrictions or rules (I have complete free will to produce the game however I want).

I have also created this project to demonstrate a game design style of gameplay mechanics and dynamics. I like to make the game entertaining by encouraging intense engagement throughout the intense game flow design.


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