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Concept and Overview

The project is the first prototype iteration produced as part of an internship. The product is an educational game designed to teach learners about economy or business management. A clicker game that will test player psychology in a competitive industrial environment.

In this business essentials simulation, players will be managing and growing their own coffee shop business in the face of a changing external environment and competitive landscape. The simulation takes players through ten levels of play, with increasing levels of complexity and the introduction of new business concepts as players develop their skills.

Game Producers:

  • Sami Dummar - Level Designer / User Interface Designer

  • Anmar Alyousef - Game Programmer

What I Did / What I Was Responsible In:

  • Designing – Gameplay Balancing (Dynamics and Gameplay Flow) / Aesthetics / Level Environment / User Interface

  • Programming – Timer Countdown Prototype

  • Audio – Music

Producer Commentary

This project prototype was produced as part of my first ever internship in both the creative media (specifically in the field of games) and academic industry. I had a lot of fun designing the levels, especially when I'm able to demonstrate my level design skills in expanding varieties based on the player's progression moving forward in the game. While I have also focused on other aspects working on this prototype with my work colleague, such as user interface design and gameplay programming, my primary focus shifts to level design to content the client with the product's core game design of expanding business branches in levels. I was gladly able to exceed the client's request with visually aesthetic levels.



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