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A first-person single-player game where the player goes through various levels that will require the player to use their grappling hooks and cooperate with their robotic companion to overcome them.

The player is encouraged to keep away from the ground and stay in the air by swinging across the interior using their grappling hooks in the science fictional environment. The player’s robotic companion will assist the player throughout various areas of the game by serving as a hook for the player to use their grappling hooks on to swing across places that the player can’t reach by themselves.

Narrative Setting

You play as a technological genius who invents technological machines. In your latest advancement, you have grappling hooks to put to the test. You will be testing your grappling hooks in the swinging course presented in your futuristic laboratory while being assisted by your robotic companion as your assistant. By the end of the swinging course, you will have succeeded in your technological advancement.


The game’s genre is a puzzle platformer, where the player has to go through a swinging course using their grappling hook while being assisted by their robot companion.

The player will experience a dynamic-rich playthrough. The player will have to use their grappling hooks to swing around the science fiction interior by hooking to objects that can be grappled on. Furthermore, the player will also have to cooperate with their robotic companion by using their grappling hooks to hook on to the robotic companion. The robotic companion will anyhow patrol with the player as they progress through the game but will assist the player when required.

The player can also mark their checkpoint as they progress throughout the game. If the player touches or falls to the restricted ground, the player will be teleported to their last marked checkpoint. The player will mark their checkpoint whenever they collide with an invisible programmed checkpoint object which is done for visual aesthetic purposes. However, the player should be able to easily comprehend that they have obviously marked their checkpoint through dynamic gameplay. A lighting will be presented in each checkpoint and will be unlit whenever the player collides with the invisible checkpoint object to indicate that they have marked their current checkpoint.

The main goal of the entire game is to win by beating the game, the player does that by reaching the end of the swinging course as they use their grappling hooks and cooperate with their robotic companion to progress further into the various levels and eventually reach the end of the game.

Game Producers:

  • Sami Dummar - Lead Game Designer & Lead Game Programmer

  • Mazen El Shaar - Artificial Intelligence (Behaviorial Pattern) Programmer

  • Shammah Saleh Albreiki - Paper Prototyper

What I Did / What I Was Responsible In:

  • Designing – Gameplay (Dynamics) / Aesthetics / Level Environment / Narrative

  • Programming – Gameplay (Mechanics) / Level Interaction

  • 3D Modeling – Diegetic UI / Visually Presented Character Figures

  • Audio – In-Game Sound Effects / Dialogues (Voice Effect) / Music

  • Project Files – Game Design Document / High Level Design Document / Project Management / Task Breakdown (With Planning Poker) / Meeting Records (Regular Meetings and Standup Meetings) / Playtest Documents (Data Plan and Data Analysis) / Technical Design Document (Slight Contribution)

Producer Commentary

An inspired pitched project (from a fan) based on the grappling hook and player companion features from "Course Breakout" serving as the core features to this project's gameplay dynamics.


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