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Wild Smite Title 1


The game’s core loop gameplay is played through procedurally generated levels labeled as deployment areas, where the player(s) have to defeat enemies and reach the end of the level. Return to their home base after deployment, where they can select a new level to head out to. The player’s primary objective throughout the game is to upgrade their character’s stats through experience gathered from the enemies they have defeated during deployment.

Narrative Setting

Wild Smite takes place in an alternate future where humanity has made the discovery of a one-of-a-kind super-metal from outer space which revolutionized the robotics industry, leading to the development of the most advanced robots that are completely subservient to mankind.


These robots cater to every whim of their human masters and are programmed to never turn against them in any way. However, this loyalty does not extend to Earth’s flora or fauna, meaning the robots will not take them into consideration when tending to their organic masters. Subsequently, while Humanity prospers in robot-built utopias, the rest of the planet slowly dies as the robots consume it’s resources at unsustainable rates.

The robots are particularly hostile towards animals, frequently abducting them for a myriad of reasons.


The game’s core loop gameplay is played through procedurally generated levels labeled as deployment areas where the player(s) has to defeat enemies and reach the end of the level. The player’s primary objective throughout the game is to upgrade their character’s stats with experience levels gathered from the enemies they have eliminated during deployment area levels and after completing them. The player is encouraged to gain experience levels from enemies in deployment area levels and upgrade their stats every after completion of a deployment area level in the character stats workshop to progress through the game.

The game features a character stats workshop where the player will be spending their experience levels gained from eliminating enemies in core levels so that they can upgrade their character stats (making their character more powerful). The level design consist of deployment area levels (core game loop levels) which are procedurally generated levels in random layouts with room variety where the player is encouraged to keep playing on throughout player game progression. Lastly, there is an endgame level that is locked until and unless the player has enough suitable stats to access so that the player can defeat the boss as tasked to win and complete the game.


The game’s levels are designed as a system instantiating procedural generation. The levels are loaded in random room prefabs so that all assets are placed in fixed positions. The level design consists of four layouts for the room prefabs. The procedurally generated rooms will follow four street layouts as roads surrounded with buildings following the science-fiction setting. There are three to five room prefabs max for each layout. Room prefabs can be classified as room templates. The room prefabs come in a variety of colouring to bring more life towards the level design’s aesthetic visuals.


What makes this game unique in comparison to other modern era games is that it presents a looped gameplay experience through a procedural level generation within a randomly generated ranged number of enemies within the levels, while combining melee and ranged combat play styles with a cooperative multiplayer experience from a top-down perspective. The game is able to representatively demonstrate differentiating play style experiences through a linear game flow for players. Following the game’s narrative background, the game is set in a world that contrasts between a utopian perspective for humans but is a dystopian environment for animals in reality. In this setting, robots have taken over the world and control all of humanity’s purpose towards contributing to the natural order of earth, which puts the natural habitat of animals in danger. The game project “Wild Smite” delivers a fictional fantasy to audiences as a message towards the game’s themes of animal abuse, human ignorance, and environmental pollution. As players find entertainment towards the gameplay experience, they will also comprehend the importance of protecting the natural order of life as inhabitants in our beloved earthly world to avoid a potential dystopian reality in the future.


The game’s visual aesthetic is a combination of stylized and cel shaded elements. While demonstrating a toon like representation throughout the gameplay experience, the aesthetic aims to portray a sensational colorful world with vibrant elements of a utopian environment.

Game Producers:

  • Christiaan Van Wyk - Lead Game Designer & Game Programmer

  • Sami Dummar - Game Designer, Level Designer & Secondary Scrum Master

  • Farhan Haque - Lead Game Programmer

  • Anmar Alyousef - Game Programmer & Primary Scrum Master

  • Bibi Fatima - Graphic Designer & User Interface Designer

What I Did / What I Was Responsible In:

  • Designing – Gameplay (Dynamics) / Game Balancing / Aesthetics / Level Environment / Prefabricated Level Variety / Narrative Variables

  • Programming – Non-Diegetic User Interface Interaction / Player Character Selection / Level Interaction

  • 3D Modeling – Level Environment Props

  • Audio – User Interface Sound Effects / In-Game Sound Effects / In-Game Background Ambiance

  • Project Documentation – Game Design Document / Project Management / Task Breakdown / Meeting Records (Regular and Standup) / Playtest Documents (Plan and Data Analysis)

Producer Commentary

This project concluded to being one of, or if not, the biggest game that I have produced with peers in university. I'm grateful to being able to express my work through the project's various fields in terms of design. I have learned a lot of valuable lessons working on this project for seven months. I'm very glad to have worked with such a wonderful team. Each member of the team played a valuable role towards pushing the project's goals forward based on the team's core vision.


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