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Concept and Overview

Wonderland Madness Reigns is a two-player matchmaking 3D whimsical horror rogue-like card-based role-playing game which blends critical strategic planning dynamics with fantasy role playing elements. Two players will face off against each other with their two base decks of cards. The goal is to have one player win the game by using the cards they have against the opposing player’s cards based on card statistics.


Winning a match in the cryptic carnival fantasy wonderland will require the player to be very flexible with calculating creature card and booster card statistics in various turn-based dynamics. The player will be presented with two decks of cards, a creature card deck for attacking and a booster card deck for defending and betting on potential lucky adversity advantages or unlucky punishing disadvantages. The gameflow consists of two players playing in a network match going through against each other in a dynamic-rich strategizing luck-based and critical decision making tabletop card game.

Narrative Setting

You stumble upon a mysterious wagon in the middle of a fantasy medieval fortress. The menacing Mad Hatter tricked you into a card game that brought you into the dreaded wonderland while inside the mysterious wagon. The world looked shattered from your perspective. You must win a game against the Mad Hatter to return home, or be trapped in the eternal maddening world of wonderland madness reigns. 

Game Producers:

  • Sami Dummar

  • Dylan Suaris

  • Brendan Strickler

  • Satchee Shastree

What I Did / What I Was Responsible In:

  • Designing – Gameplay Balancing (Dynamics and Gameflow) / Aesthetics / Level Environment / Environmental Narrative Variables / User Interface / Team Logo and Product Logo

  • Programming – Functions for Audio Calling

  • Audio – In-Game Sound Effects / Music

  • Project Documentation – GDD / HLDD / Project Management / Task Breakdown / Meeting Records (Regular and Standup) / Playtest Documents (Plan and Data Analysis) / TDD / Developer Logs / Business Plan

Producer Commentary



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